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Halio to Further Develop Next-Gen Smart Glass Technology

Halio announced that it has raised up to $70 million in funding from SKC, a company in the ESG Materials Solution industry based in South Korea, to further market and develop the next generation of smart glass technology; focusing on energy savings, environmental impact, creating beautiful facades, while enabling occupant wellness and comfort.

“This investment is expected to further expand our ESG strategy,” says SKC’s Vice President Junghwan Shin. “We strongly believe that Halio has the most advanced smart glass technology that will significantly impact global energy savings and our environment."

About Halio's smart glass technology

Halio’s smart glass technology reduces a building’s operational energy use by up to 22%. It decreases peak demand by 25%, which aids in balancing overstressed power grids (Red Car Analytics – Energy Efficiency Analysis of Halio, Nov 2019). With countries now targeting buildings as major energy users, regulations increasingly require more efficient facades. Additionally, new incentives like the U.S. Investment Tax Credit reward owners for adding energy-saving solutions like HALIO Smart Glass.

“This new capital enables us to accelerate innovation in our smart glass technology as well as expand our reach in key markets like Asia, Europe, and the Middle East,” says former CEO Bruce Sohn.