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HMI Cardinal Launches New Image as HMI Glass

HMI Glass logoHMI Glass announced a new look and vision in 2021, following the merger of HMI Cardinal and Woon-Tech Inc., the opening of the company’s third fabrication facility, and the launch of its new website. The transition began in 2018 when Cardinal acquired Boston-based Woon-Tech, which combined manufacturing service with boutique glass fabrication, digital in-glass printing, and glass lamination.

Today, this dual expertise positions HMI as a true innovator in glass ready to deliver next-level craftsmanship to new and existing partners of any size, advancing its already strong market share.

To best provide increased product offerings, uphold high standards of customer service, and continue to improve lead times, the company has opened an additional American fabrication facility beyond its Boston and Louisville hubs. “We opened our third state-of-the-art facility in Reno to cater to the robust markets on the West Coast,” says CEO Dana Waterman.

The brand’s American roots served as key inspiration for HMI’s new look. Its heritage I showcased and elevated throughout, from partnering with nationally-recognized artists and influencers to spotlighting the craftspeople “behind the glass” inside the HMI factories.

“The new look is bold and industrial, but also detailed and artistic,” says Creative Marketing
Director Leigh Berberian. "No other company is offering this visual feast for the eyes. Our website is packed with inspiration and resources for all of our core audiences.”

The recently-launched website is a true sourcebook for homeowners and designers while serving as an essential tool for glaziers. Armed with a tablet or smart device, the vast national network of HMI’s preferred dealers can now walk into any home and showcase products in high-resolution, quality, and style using the improved website. Before and after consultations, homeowners will be able to envision their dream bathrooms with the help of striking photography.

Similarly, architects and designers will find it easier than ever to explore the latest collections and glass technologies. The hospitality industry can also expect improved education on next-level product offerings. 2021 will find HMI highlighting topics including the antimicrobial properties of glass in hospitality design.

“This brand launch is just the beginning. The company is thrilled to support its customers with industry-leading products, services, and marketing resources. We look forward to the future of HMI,” says Chief Revenue Officer Curtis McClamrock.

Over the next year, HMI plans to add design visualization tools, streamlined glazier programs, an enhanced dealer portal, and more to the new website. Learn more at