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KOVA Window Wall System Uses Revolutionary Installation Process


KOVA window wall system

KOVA welcomes an innovative, patent-pending Window Wall System to its “Construct” product category. The system can be fully installed from the interior of the building, introducing a first-of-its-kind installation process that is easier and safer than others on the market. Constructed with a non-strutted thermal break, the Window Wall System optimizes a building’s energy performance and efficiency through the thermal separation functionality. 

About the Window Wall System

Thoughtfully designed with disassembly in mind, the Window Wall is 100 percent recyclable due to its intuitive, non-strutted system, making it easy to take apart the product at the end of its life cycle so that each piece can be fully recycled. The tilt-in installation process allows for seamless project execution with minimal equipment needed, saving construction timelines from common “crane time” disruptions. In fact, with the right elevator, the Window Wall System can be installed without the need for any crane at all.

“We developed the Window Wall System to meet the rising demand for efficient window solutions with an easy installation process that does not compromise on high-quality design or affordability,” says KOVA’s Vice President Dan Sullivan, AIA, NCARB. “This product launch reflects our brand’s mission to develop sustainable and efficient products that elevate the human experience and are accessible to every corner of the industry.”

What it's meant for

Ideal for projects ranging from large commercial buildings to mid-sized, multi-family housing units, the Window Wall System can be installed in high-rise properties that are up to 30-40 stories tall as well as apartment buildings with four to five stories. Featuring a minimalist design with clean, simple lines that lend to a refined exterior and interior aesthetic, the Window Wall System effortlessly connects and is completely free of the large clips and bulky components that are often found in the market.

“CAST Development is excited to integrate KOVA’s newly-launched Window Wall System in a number of our upcoming projects in San Diego including Golden Hill, a 114-unit, mixed-use development and Kaya, a 78-unit midrise apartment building,” says CAST Development’s Principal, Lawrence Howard. “We were really drawn to the system due to its efficient, safe, and easy installation. In addition to the brand’s product innovations, KOVA provides a holistic partnership that streamlines the entire construction process. We’re looking forward to seeing these projects come to life!”