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Laminated Glass with Saflex Structural Receives Approval in Germany

Eastman Chemical Co., manufacturer of Saflex PVB for architectural applications, announced that laminated glass comprising Saflex Structural interlayer has received a General Construction Approval from the German Institute for Building Technology. The new approval will allow the design and use in construction of laminated safety glass using Saflex Structural as an interlayer, taking into account the enhanced mechanical properties of the interlayer.

German standard DIN 18008 does not allow laminated glass strength to be enhanced with interlayer contributions. Therefore, an aBG approval is required when engineers want to use the structural capacity of the interlayer to optimize their glass design for structures in Germany. Eastman demonstrated via external expertise that Saflex DG material properties contribute to the glass strength in common load scenarios for internal and external glass applications. With this approval, laminated glass made with Saflex Structural can be fully utilized in accordance with the German standard through use of shear transfer properties.

“The recognition of the use of laminated safety glass with Saflex Structural while using the interlayer properties by the DIBt for glass design and construction is a significant step forward,” says Kevin Moens, global commercial director, advanced materials interlayers. “Glass is a key design element for architects, and this added endorsement from the DIBt gives architects, engineers, and builders more performance choices. The material model in the approval helps engineers design laminated glass while maximizing the interlayer properties in their calculations, whatever the relevant load scenarios may be. By creating the groundwork for the expanded use of this versatile product, we hope this sparks imagination and creativity in the use of structural glass.”