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Magid Leadership Pitches in Over $100,000 to Help Employees Cover Rising Gas Costs

While gas prices are beginning to decline, Illinois witnessed record-high gas prices averaging over five dollars a gallon this summer.

As a result of this, back in May, the leadership team at Magid implemented a $50,000 gas subsidy program to help aid employees. After receiving positive feedback and seeing that gas prices had not dropped, the company continued this program and has now pitched in over $100,000.

What people have to say

“The one thing I love about Magid is that when the road gets tough everyone is willing to pitch in to turn things around,” says Greg Cohen, chief executive officer. “Rising gas prices were a significant challenge for many. So, we wanted to pitch in and do our part to help cover the burden and unexpected costs this put on our team members. Our people make all the difference at Magid and this was one way for us to show our appreciation."

“The entire customer experience team was in complete shock when they found out about this program,” says Jamie McIntyre, customer experience service manager at Magid. “I think everyone can say we are thankful for the Cohen family and our executive leadership team for always looking out for us as employees.”

How it worked

The Magid gas subsidy program offered employees a $1.00 per gallon subsidy from May through September for their commute to Magid and/or to onsite customer visits. There were no requirements to be a part of the gas subsidy program. All employees were automatically enrolled so long as they did not drive an electric vehicle as Magid’s Romeoville headquarters already offers free charging for electronic cars. Currently, Magid employs over 500 people at its Romeoville location.