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Magid Wins the ISHN Reader’s Choice Award for Two New Safety Innovations

The readers of Industrial Safety & Hygiene News awarded Magid the 2020 ISHN Reader’s Choice Awards for two new innovations.

The program selected the company’s T-rex Flex Series  Lean TRX443 Ultra-Lightweight Foam Nitrile Palm Coated Low-Profile Impact Glove – Cut Level A4 in its hand protection, impact resistant category; and selected Magid’s M-gard AeroDex ADS22BST Ultra-Cool, Extremely Lightweight Sleeve – Cut Level A6 in its protective clothing category.

These two wins bring Magid to fourteen Reader’s Choice Awards in total over the last seven years.

“Magid’s commitment to innovation continues to drive the company’s ability to provide the newest technologies and materials to improve industrial safety year after year,” says Sarah Anderson, director of product management