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NACC Certifies Beletz Brothers Glass Co.

Beletz Brothers Glass Co. has become the eighth glazing contractor in the Philadelphia area to meet the requirements for certification by the North American Contractor Certification Program. The NACC is the glazing industry’s only third-party, ANSI accredited recognition of glazing contractors who consistently adhere to program requirements for quality and safety excellence.

“We were excited about pursuing NACC certification,” says Stephen Beletz, president of Beletz Bros. “The process formalized and improved the quality assurance practices we’ve been using for years. And when it comes to safety, there’s always opportunity to improve the systems already in place.”

The program’s evaluation process is a well-rounded, deep dive into a glazing contractor’s practices, say company officials. “It forced us to look deeper into our quality assurance and safety protocols than ever before,” Beletz says. “Our future work will be better for it.”

By having met the NACC requirements, Beletz Brothers Glass has demonstrated that they have processes and procedures in place to consistently replicate their past, successful performances. About the NACC, Stephen Beletz says, “The program is a systematic evaluation tool that encourages continued growth.”

The NACC program has certified six glazing contractors this year to date. Ben Beeler, the program’s technical director, remarked that the pandemic has affected the speed at which new contractors are able to be certified. “Travel restrictions and unease about the virus has obviously hampered efforts to certify larger numbers,” he says. “There are over a dozen glazing contractors actively undergoing the certification process at this moment. Unfortunately, the process has become lengthier with the travel precautions we’ve had to undertake.” He added that many of these contractors should be certified within the next few months.