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NFRC Documents Open for Comment

The National Fenestration Rating Council posted that several NFRC documents with member-approved changes are open for public comment through Jan. 15, 2024.

  • NFRC 7019: PCP Extension and Waiver Process
  • NFRC 100: Procedure for Determining Fenestration Product U-factors
  • NFRC 200: Procedure for Determining Fenestration Product Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Visible Transmittance at Normal Incidence
  • NFRC 203: Procedure for Determining Visible Transmittance of Tubular Daylighting Devices
  • NFRC 400: Procedure for Determining Fenestration Product Air Leakage
  • NFRC 500: Procedure for Determining Fenestration Product Condensation Index Ratings

More on NFRC 7019

Based on the first round of public comment for the NFRC 7019 Extension and Waiver document, and review with the workgroup, it was determined that changes to the language in the NFRC 7019 were significant enough to warrant a second round of public review. Below are notes on the NFRC 7019 sections edited based on the original comments. 

Section 3 - Extensions 

  • It was noted in the public comments that extensions, allowing additional time before expiration, is a certification decision. ISO/IEC 17065 requires that the certification body make the certification decisions required by the certification scheme. 
  • Section 3 was rewritten such that all requests for extensions will be made directly to NFRC and decisions made by NFRC, based on the requirements of Section 3, to approve or deny extensions. 
  • NFRC is in the process of setting up a portal that will allow for the requests and upload of supporting documents for extensions. 
  • Also added to Section 3, in 3.2.6.A, no changes, revisions, or addendums will be allowed for product lines on extension. 

Section 5.0 

  • Clarifying language was added to 5.1 to note that only IGU Certification Bodies can review IGU extensions and waivers, based on the rules of their IGU Certification Programs. 
  • Other changes were editorial, to clean up format and grammar. 
  • Feedback shall be considered prior to finalization document based on the requirements of the Product Certification Program and accreditation requirements of ISO/IEC 17065. 

All interested parties can review the proposed changes and submit feedback to or by using the form on the Documents in Public Review page of the NFRC Community.