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NFRC Kicks Off 2021 Fall Membership Virtual Meeting

The National Fenestration Rating Council kicked off its 2021 Fall Membership Virtual Meeting on Oct. 25, where sustainability, codes and emerging trends topped the agenda. The event runs through Oct. 27.

According to NFRC CEO Deb Callahan, “Attendees will hear from a panel of researchers and scientists on emerging trends and innovations that foster more energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights. Other highlights include opportunities to network, discussions during committee block meetings, updates to the revised commercial program, speakers from federal agencies on new government initiatives, and a preview of the improved Window Selection Tool of the Efficient Windows Collaborative.”

The meeting also includes the introduction of two new networking opportunities for fenestration professionals with the Women in Fenestration Network and the Sustainability Network. “Each group provides a forum to connect, share ideas, and hear about trends in the industry,” says Callahan.