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NSG Group Introduces Pilkington SaniTise

NSG Group recognizes the world has changed and that health and safety are at the forefront of everyone's mind. In response to these challenges, NSG Group launched Pilkington SaniTise, a transparent coated glass. Naturally activated through UV exposure from daylight, the pyrolytic coating provides antimicrobial properties and activity against enveloped viruses on the glass surface.

When Pilkington SaniTise is exposed to natural UV, its antimicrobial activity is significantly increased compared to using uncoated glass.

Verified through independent third-party testing, Pilkington SaniTise provides extra protection for any shared/high-touch surfaces that has access to natural UV exposure, such as:

  • Building façades as the insulating glass unit’s interior surface on any exterior wall system in applications such as schools, hospitals, restaurants or hotels.
  • Shared transportation such as school buses, trains, shuttle buses or marine glazings.
  • Exterior shared spaces such as bus stop shelters and zoo enclosures.

Pilkington SaniTise is immediately available in multiple tints, and thicknesses. The highly durable pyrolytic on-line coating lasts the lifetime of the glass and can be toughened, laminated, bent or processed into insulated glass units using standard techniques. Pilkington SaniTise is also compatible with commercial grade cleaning products and is highly resistant to corrosion, mechanical and chemical damage.