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PGT Innovations Donates to Breast Cancer Non-Profits

PGT Innovations recently donated over $9,000 across four breast cancer non-profits.

How the company did it

Earlier this year, PGT Innovations designed its own company-branded breast cancer awareness t-shirts that were available for employees to purchase during the month of October to help raise awareness and money for the non-profits. PGT Innovations team members across the company’s multiple manufacturing plant and office locations purchased over 1,100 t-shirts, raising a total of $8,155.50, which was then donated between the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Breast Cancer Alliance, and the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation.

What the President/CEO has to say

“Our organization was founded on three core values: serving, leading, and thriving,” says Jeff Jackson, PGT Innovations President and CEO. “Our team members embrace the principle that we are stronger together, and this initiative gave them the opportunity to be unified in showing their support to the millions affected by breast cancer, while also contributing to various non-profits across the country.”

PGT Innovations also donated $1,500 to the American Cancer Society in support of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk event held in Sarasota, FL in mid-October, and several PGTI team members showed their support by participating in the walk.