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Philadelphia Office Renovation Showcases Linetec Wood Grain Finishes

2400 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

Originally constructed in the early 1920s as a four-story Hudson Motor Car Company fabrication plant, Philadelphia's 2400 Market Street property was adaptively reused as an office building. Previously known as the Marketplace Design Center, it was reimagined and vertically expanded into a nine-story, mixed-use, Class A office and positioned as a part of Center City's riverfront renewal. Now home to Aramark's corporate headquarters, the renovated and expanded building was re-clad in a modern, high-performance façade. Its exterior showcases Viracon's glass within Wausau Window and Wall Systems' aluminum-framed window wall system finished by Linetec.

The new design was conceived by architecture firm Gensler, with Varenhorst serving as the executive architect. The old, existing structure was a concrete slab with concrete columns, sufficient to permit a five-story overbuild above the roof line to create the block-wide, 600,000-square-foot development. The building's updated design incorporates innovation and sustainability features in pursuit of LEED Gold certification.



As a single source solution, Linetec provided the aluminum-framed systems' continuous polyamide thermal barrier, as well as finished approximately 627,000 square feet in clear and black anodize, and 16,000 square feet in European Cherry wood-grain finishes.

Linetec's European Cherry wood grain finishes for aluminum present the look of wood without the maintenance of actual lumber. "Wood is a popular way to integrate biophilic design into a project and to connect with the outdoors," says Linetec's marketing manager, Tammy Schroeder, LEED Green Associate. "Unlike natural wood, the finished aluminum does not swell, rot, warp or attract insects. The finishes also are fire retardant; resist corrosion, water and humidity; and meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association's AAMA 2604 specification standard."

Class I clear and black anodize further highlights 2400 Market Street's modern aesthetic. Linetec's anodizing meets the AAMA 611 specification standard. These durable finishes also are easy to maintain and recognized for their enduring longevity, say company officials.

Window Wall

Wausau Window and Wall Systems engineered and factory-glazed more than 112,000 square feet of HR and HRX INvision unitized window wall, finished in the wood grain and anodize coatings by Linetec.

Linetec improved the anodize finished aluminum framing systems' thermal performance by separating the metal profile into two parts and adding polyamide insulating strips. This method of thermal improvement maintains the systems' structural and long-term durability, while reducing heat transfer and condensation, and providing residents with a comfortable interior temperature year-round.

The systems also incorporated 1-inch insulated glass units composed of Viracon's VNE-63 low-e glass. The combination of glazing and thermally improved framing offer low U-Factors to meet Model Energy Codes, provide high condensation resistance and sound mitigation, and allow broad expanses of vision glass.

The high-performance window wall systems also promote daylighting, while maintaining comfortable interiors for the office workers, retail shoppers and other occupants. The glass and metal building envelope also contribute to reducing the need for electric lighting, lowering HVAC loads, and minimizing associated emissions and energy costs. Variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems and water-saving plumbing fixtures also bolster the energy-efficiency of the building.