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Pujol Acquires Evasa Production Unit for the Expansion of Evalam Production

Pujol Group, the Spanish company owner of Hornos Industriales Pujol S.A. acquired 100 percent of Evasa’s production unit, located in A Coruña, Galicia. This way, the production of EVA layers continues in Spanish territory as a main European Hub, following a strategy of descending vertical growth.

“This new investment and acquisition of the new production line within Grupo Pujol, confirms the opening of a new horizon of growth opportunities,” says Jorge Pujol, CEO of Pujol Group. “In addition, it positions the Spanish consumables industry for lamination of glass in the international market as a reference of quality and excellence.”

Thanks to this new investment, the production of Evalam—specialized brand and international reference for architectural EVA belongs entirely to Pujol Group—a significant increase will be seen, since two new and massive production lines will be incorporated as special actions at Pujol Group. Among them, a 8 1/2-foot-wide line that, in 2020, will transform the La Coruña company into the EVA unique factory with capacity to produce the widest piece in the world, say officials.

With all this, Pujol Group will increase the surface of its production facilities by 50 percent; 96,875 square feet are for production and another 8,000 are land destined for future extensions that the Group may need. The team structure will be of 70 people.

Joaquin Pujol, sales director of Pujol says, “Given the growing demand, year after year of our interlayers, the incorporation of this new production unit was needed in order to maintain product quality and service ratio excellence."

The extension of the productive plant is included in the expansion plan of the company, based on a growth strategy, has led the company to be present in more than 90 countries. That will allow it to face with full guarantees the fulfilment of the high level of quality and safety of the materials, either for their current products, or future developments aimed at any kind of problem solving for the architectural market or other future markets that could diversify the current EVALAM range of products.