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Pujol Group Launches a New Corporate Site, Renews the Sites of Group Companies

Pujol websitePujol Group made important changes in its communication elements, including a new corporate website, and the updating of the group's companies' websites.

The new websites can be visited at these addresses:

Pujol Group:



The new sites have a cleaner and more orderly design, which has been achieved thanks to the sections that are used and the optimization of the content display through structured blocks. These help to simplify navigation as much as possible and make it easier for professionals to find information. In this way they will be able to enjoy an experience to know the wide range of products and services of each of the companies, say officials.

The sites are available in four languages: Spanish, English, French and Russian. All websites are responsive for different devices and browsers. The new web pages are more protected and in a much more secure environment; they use their own code and not a standard template, as well as a special server with which they can work in a .NET environment.