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Pujol Group Releases a New Brand Identity

Pujol Group, owner of the companies Hornos Industriales Pujol, SA, Evalam and i-ON by Pujol, released its new corporate identity with a change of logos for its three firms.

New isotypes have been created following the same corporate pattern. The logos represent the values of excellence and technology that have defined the three companies of the group from the origins, say officials.

The new corporate identity is designed to project the company into the future, enhancing its image of proximity, according to the company. This is achieved thanks, among others, to the new typography that has been carried out following a simpler and closer line with the client, characterized by its clarity and readability. To remain recognizable, the main corporate colors of each of the group's companies have been maintained.

The renewed image, to be implemented immediately, represents a new chapter in the more than 100-year history of the company and is included in the important transformation process that the Group is undergoing, which, among others, led to the beginning of the year announce the incorporation of a new production unit.

"As the fourth generation in charge of the company, we are proud to do this new change of image in our corporate identity. We change the appearance, but not the philosophy. The new logos will continue to represent our values. We have great customers who have accompanied us in our growth for years. They know that we´ll continue being the same and that we´ll continue working hard to improve day by day,” says Jorge Pujol, CEO of Pujol Group.