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Pulp Studio Featured on History Channel

Allen, Karn, and Johnson at the Pulp Studio factory

Pulp Studio hosted both The History Channel and its special guests Tim Allen and Richard Karn for a behind-the-scenes factory tour given by Pulp Studio’s chief operating officer Kirk Johnson.

The episode featured Pulp Studio's innovative glass design and production capabilities including their electrically-powered custom kilns which are heated to over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, in part by Pulp Studio’s solar roof system. Johnson demonstrated the technical challenges and craft involved in printing and bending glass of various sizes for architectural projects.

Allen and Karn witnessed the effects of thermal stress on glass production and how Pulp Studio minimizes the risks of glass shattering when not cooled properly. They were also shown Pulp’s state-of-the-art furnace which is used to strengthen glass.

Watch the full episode