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R.E. Krug Corp. Becomes Buffalo Region’s First to Earn North American Contractor Certification

R.E. Krug Corp. of North Tonawanda, New York, achieved North American Contractor Certification (NACC), becoming the first glazing contractor in the Buffalo, New York, Metropolitan Region to earn certification. NACC is the only ANSI-accredited, third-party credential that recognizes architectural glass and metal contractors for competency, business practices, and industry accepted guidelines for quality and safety excellence. By having met NACC requirements, R.E. Krug demonstrated it has the processes and procedures in place to consistently deliver high quality project results.

“Krug continually tries to evaluate our operations and safety controls and implement programs to reduce risk and make our organization the finest in the industry,” says R.E. Krug Operations Supervisor Thomas Quinn. “NACC reflects our commitment to quality. The process was a good way to see our weaknesses and strengths as a company.”

Quinn served as quality manager during the certification process, working closely with R.E. Krug owner Erik Chretien, NACC administrators, and R.E. Krug employees to undertake the program’s rigorous assessment and to implement a quality management system, a hallmark of certification.

“The QMS is a good way to get as organized as we can, with every employee’s role defined and every procedure documented,” Quinn says. “We liked that the QMS is flexible and could be adjusted for the structure of our company. Now instead of individuals doing things a little differently, everyone follows the same standards.”

“NACC is showing up in the specs and being enforced,” says Chretien. “Everyone in our local union realizes this is going to be the standard.” Several additional Buffalo-area glazing contractors are presently undergoing certification, after being motivated both by industry leadership and the positive experience of R.E. Krug.

Glazing contractors can earn the NACC credential in one or more of six operational categories based on the company’s focus of work. R.E. Krug earned NACC in three categories: interior and entry systems, building envelope low-rise, and building envelope high-rise.

According to NACC Program Administrator Jeff Dalaba, “NACC recognizes contractors that utilize industry best practices for installation, giving peace of mind to building owners, design professionals, general contractors, and insurers. NACC reduces stakeholder risk by providing verified evidence of a contractor’s adherence to the highest industry standards and best business practices.”

Since its 2015 launch, NACC has gained industry acceptance for raising the bar of quality. When it earned certification August 20, 2021, R.E. Krug became the fifth New York company and 40th in North America to attain the credential. Demonstrating a long-term commitment to NACC, R.E. Krug will be reevaluated annually to maintain certification.