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Roto North America Introduces A Low Profile Lock Handle

LH20Roto North America recently developed the Low Profile Lock Handle for casement and awning windows. Also known as the LH20, this lock handle is a line extension of the existing LH08 and LH19 lock handles for PVC and aluminum windows, and fits into the same space.

The LH20's was manufactured to have a sleek, modern design that rests 50 percent closer to the frame and delivers a seamless finish to the window frame; while also having a minimalistic, 11 millimeter flared lever that allows for easy operation. The lock handle comes in multi-point and single-point lock variants for the different types of window applications, and has a brushed back plate that's meant to reduce air and insect infiltration.

This contemporary zinc-alloy lock handle comes in seven finishes: G2 White – 00, Blue White – 03, G1 White – 08, Black – 70, Almond – 26, Faux ORB -71, and Brushed Nickel – 46, and provides a total of 44 millimeters of travel.