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Rowe Fenestration Partners with Armoured One to Supply Protective Glazing Systems

Armoured One partnered with Rowe Fenestration to provide tested assemblies that enhance security in schools, business, and health care.  

"As parents, we promise our children that we will protect them," says Armoured One founder Tom Czyz. "In an active shooter attack, every second counts. One big step towards security that many schools and businesses are taking is the installation of security glass in windows and doors. This is designed to slow down or deter an attacker from gaining entry with force or a gun."

Armoured One’s Security Glass is the first glass to be tested to the new test method called Shooter Attack. This test method was designed by active shooter experts based on the history of active shooters. All testing is observed by UL.

"This is a heartbreaking reality that our loved ones should never have to face, these should be safe spaces. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. It is vital that we are well-prepared for all kinds of safety incidents—including the possibility of an active shooter. We are proud to partner with Armoured One and EFCO Corporation making these spaces safer for our loved ones," says Scott Rowe, principal at Rowe Fenestration.