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SentryGlas Product Celebrates 25 Years

Porsche Design Tower
Porsche Design Tower in Florida uses SentryGlas on the first three stories.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of SentryGlas, an interlayer used in laminated glass to provide added safety in impact systems globally. This stiff interlayer was added to laminated glass to prevent breakage during extreme weather conditions. 

What people are saying

"The 25-year history of SentryGlas has had a significant impact on the use of laminated glass in the hurricane market. The stiffness and strength of this product has enabled the development of windows and doors, storefronts, and curtainwall systems that offer 24/7 protection against extreme weather events. The result has been safer living and working environments that do not require boarding up or the deployment of shutters if a weather alert is issued. Building interiors are protected against water and wind infiltration and maintain a view to the exterior," says the company.

Crawford-Tracy Glass Corp., a turnkey glazing contractor in Deerfield Beach, Florida, was a leader in the development of impact systems.

“In the early days, we spent a considerable amount of time testing systems to meet the impact and cycling requirements established by Dade County. Ultimately, the SentryGlas interlayer emerged as the best solution to pass the large missile test followed by cycling. We have not seen any delamination from the SentryGlas laminates since we began installing the product,” says President Ray Crawford.