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Şişecam Group Sets Up a Global Digital Barrier Against Fraud in Payments

Şişecam Group established the operations of a “digital fraud detection and control system” for payments made through banks.

Şişecam manages its banking transactions via “Kyriba” by means of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a global money transfer and financial communication system. The company became the first in Turkey to transfer a bank payment order with a high level of security and without the need for any manual processes, subsequent to online fraud audit and blacklist company scans.

Thanks to the digital fraud detection and control system Şişecam commissioned based on the most widespread fraud scenarios across the world, the company aims to prevent increasing fraud cases in relation to payments made by corporate companies. In the scope of the digital payment approval system, any payments that are reviewed in the framework of fundamental rules such as payment approval limits per person, sensitive changes in payment information, new bank accounts with first incoming/outgoing payments, and payments made to countries on sanction lists are automatically stopped in the event that any breach is detected.

“We are also successful in being a pioneer with our competences outside of our main fields of operation, such as Treasury Management," says Prof. Ahmet Kırman, Şişecam Group vice chairman and CEO

Stating that the company regards the concept of digitalization as an integrated approach that covers the entire value chain, ranging from supply chain to customer experience, Kırman pointed out that the route to success for companies depends on outlining digitalization roadmaps that will help innovate their business models through technology.

“One of our priorities is to disseminate all our digital transformation projects to the regions in which we operate, in an integrated and end-to-end manner. In times when quick and accurate decisions have become crucial, we are engaging in practices that enhance our efficiency and strengthen our competence towards taking decisions based on data. We are also successful in being a pioneer with our competences outside of our main fields of operation, such as treasury management. In the scope of our digital roadmap, we have introduced model practices such as foreign trade transactions through blockchain technology and digital fraud detection and control system.”

Expressing that the company approaches digital transformation as an ongoing journey, Kırman says, “In line with our goal of end-to-end digital treasury management, we will soon launch the global supplier financing system, another first, in order to support our suppliers, who are a vital part of our ecosystem. We are about to complete the Turkish phase of our endeavors. Through our system, suppliers across the globe will be able to access any financing opportunities linked to their sales to Şişecam Group by means of a single global platform. Thus, by uniting suppliers all around the world under a single platform, we will also break new ground in Turkey in this field.”