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Şişecam Invests in Raw Materials for New Float Facility

Şişecam will invest in a new sand preparation facility to meet the raw material needs of its new flat glass investment in Tarsus, which will begin production in 2025. The company will also increase the capacity of its existing limestone and dolomite processing facility in Mersin.

Why the investment?

With this move, Şişecam aims to secure close and sustainable resources for its production processes and proactively manage the risks caused by disruptions in the supply chain. The sand preparation facility in Tarsus OIZ will have an annual capacity of 490 thousand tons. The annual capacity of the Mersin dolomite limestone preparation plant will reach 655 thousand tons per year with the realization of 165 thousand tons of capacity increase. The total investment for these mining projects is approximately $82 million, and both are targeted to be completed by September 2024.  

What Sisecam says

Şişecam’s Chairman and Executive Member of the Board Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kırman emphasized the importance of the investments in ensuring the continuity of raw materials for glass production and managing procurement costs.

“The disruptions in the supply chain, which started with the global pandemic and increased with the Russia-Ukraine war, have deepened. Providing effective governance against supply interruption risks is gaining more and more importance for the sustainability of corporate successes in a global environment full of uncertainties," says Kırman.

"Various strategies such as long-term purchasing agreements, collaborations with critical suppliers, and vertical integration are becoming the essential and permanent components of supply chain management. Ensuring the continuity of raw material supply has strategic importance for our operations. In this sense, I believe that our new investment decision is critical for both the growth of the sectors we provide inputs to and the preservation of our leading position in our sectors. Şişecam has achieved significant success not only with its value-added investments, but also through strategic steps taken for the realization and continuity of these investments."