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Soft Tech Launches Second Level of Academy

Soft Tech launched the second level of its Soft Tech Academy. Last year, the company launched Level 1 – The Essentials, and the new program is Level 2 – Intermediate Level for database developers. The lessons are available to view for free, with the aim of helping users upskill knowledge around V6 functionality and to work to best practice.

Level 2- Intermediate Level

The program includes the following:

Cost and Price Calculations

Exploration of the different cost and price calculation methods that V6 supports, including list price calculations, multipliers, and matrix priced frames. Also covered are settings, and display of cost and price data in the bill of materials.


The IGU resource type in V6 provides the ability to model insulating glass units or any configurable fill type. This lesson shows the process of setting up two insulating glass units in V6, using the IGU functionality.

Frame and Assembly Object Property Tree

V6 makes use of an object tree and related property editor in both the frame and assembly editors. This lesson gets into the details of how the object tree and properties editors work together and provides some tips to more easily navigate these editors.

Fixed Window

Create a new window in the same series as the existing casement window. This window will include intermediate horizontals and verticals, and it will be suitable for mulling with the casement window.