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South Town Glass Achieves NACC Certification

South Town Glass of Salem, Oregon, successfully completed all requirements for certification by the North American Contractor Certification Program for glazing contractors. The NACC is the glazing industry’s only third-party, ANSI accredited recognition of glazing contractors who consistently adhere to program requirements for quality and safety excellence. By having met the NACC requirements, South Town Glass has demonstrated an adherence to processes and procedures necessary to consistently duplicate past successes and meet customer expectations.

South Town Glass started in 1980 and has grown from a small family business into a multifaceted glazing contractor, serving customers throughout the Northwest. “We have always strived for impeccable quality,” says Jenny McNally, president of South Town Glass. “We feel that NACC certification validates our belief that we truly offer a better end result.”

South Town’s General Superintendent Josh Oakes, says, “It opened some eyes to things that we either were not aware of or had become complacent with. All of our people have taken great pride in achieving the NACC certification; more than we expected.”

One of the NACC requirements is that a contractor must have written procedures for processes throughout their organization. “As a result of meeting this requirement, we can now be certain that the same procedures will be followed regardless of who is performing the work,” says McNally.