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Tecglass Installs the Largest Digital Printer for Glass in the Middle East

Based on a deal signed with Technical Glass and Aluminium Co. last year, Tecglass’s Vitro Jet FS24 digital printer with Side Kinetix technology developed in the company’s Lalìn plant, will be installed in the United Arab Emirates.

Measuring 130 by 472 inches, the Vitro Jet FS24 is designed to optimize printing on super-sized glass. Thanks to the special movement of the print head parallel to the support table, Side Kinetix technology is specifically engineered to always print along the long edge of the glass, making the Tecglass digital printer an effective tool for on-demand client customization of glass 40 feet in length, in the shortest time possible. This patented technology makes for increasingly efficient printing and production processes.

The agreement signed last year formalizes a new partnership between Tecglass and Technical Glass and Aluminium Co., a steadily growing business known for the extremely high quality of its products and one of the leading glass manufacturers in the United Arab Emirates market area. An especially beneficial choice for a company that since day one has carried out some of the most complex and exciting projects in the entire region, consistently focusing on innovative, cutting-edge jobs for the local market, paving the way to the most optimistic expectations for the year ahead.