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Tecnoglass Relocates Global Headquarters to the U.S.

Tecnoglass Inc. announced the relocation of its global headquarters to Miami, Florida, from Barranquilla, Colombia. The relocation is effective immediately.

Why the move?

The move is aimed at further bolstering the company's market presence and continued growth in the United States, where it sells the majority of its architectural high-end window, glass and aluminum products. Over the past decade, Tecnoglass has experienced substantial growth in the U.S., which currently accounts for more than 95% of its generated revenues. By moving its global headquarters to the U.S., the company believes it will be better positioned to serve its customers, respond swiftly to market dynamics and harness growth opportunities. Additionally, the significant portion of existing sales, marketing and corporate functions already performed in the U.S. will be supported by this move.

What Tecnoglass says

"Becoming a U.S.-based company is an exciting milestone for our company," says Tecnoglass CEO José Manuel Daes. "Our successful record of sustainable growth in the U.S. has already helped to cement Tecnoglass as a U.S.-centric company. The decision to relocate our global headquarters to Miami is aligned with this growth and underscores our commitment to further strengthening our customer relationships, streamlining administrative functions and enhancing our operational efficiency.”

“We believe the relocation of our global headquarters will also enhance our eligibility to be included in U.S.-based indexes, allow us to expand our reach with global investors, strengthen our U.S. capital markets relationships, and foster long-term partnerships that will fuel our innovation and multi-pronged growth strategy."

More info

The new global headquarters are located within one of the company’s existing facilities in Miami, Florida, with plans already underway to purchase land for the buildout of a showroom and a new executive office within the next 12-18 months. The company’s existing corporate offices in Barranquilla, Colombia, will continue to serve as an operational and administrative hub, supporting the company’s manufacturing platform.