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Testing Confirms DFI Protective Glass Coating Compatible with Sika Sealants

Diamon-Fusion International’s patented protective glass coating, Diamon-Fusion, underwent a series of compatibility and adhesion tests performed by Sika. The test results showcased there was no adverse reaction to Sika sealants when testing both the Diamon-Fusion hand application and vapor application process, say officials.

First Sika performed an adhesion test using both Diamon-Fusion hand applied product and vapor application. The test demonstrated that with just an IPA wipe on the bonding area, all Sikasil products tested gave 100 percent cohesive results. There was no discoloration, delamination or change of the Diamon-Fusion in any way observed. The Diamon-Fusion vapor test produced the same results.

Sika then performed a capability test using both Diamon-Fusion hand applied product and vapor application. This test was performed according to CQP 593―compatibility between adhesives and insulating glass edge seals after climatic cycling of IG units. Based on the test standards described in the modified CQP 593-3, there were no observed signs of negative influences on the Sikasil IG-25, the Sikasil IG-25 HM Plus, or the PIB primary sealant, when used with Diamon-Fusion.

“We have known Diamon-Fusion protective coating has been compatible with IG units and multiple sealants for years now. However, it is great to see the positive results from Sika, a well-respected global leader in specialty chemicals for construction, industrial, and automotive markets, ” says Syndi Sim, vice president of marketing and business development.