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WEC To Expand Offerings for Clients In New York State

Officials at Wheaton Sprague will provide further support and improved capabilities for clients working in the State of New York through its new affiliate, Wheaton Engineering & Consulting of NY LLC (WEC). WEC is a New York authorized professional services firm, specializing in building envelope design, engineering and consulting.

As one of the affiliated companies within the Wheaton Sprague Building Envelope brand, WEC provides professional services in consulting and delegated design/engineering, in each of our market segments.

For building envelope consulting services in New York, contact Paul Griese, BECx, senior design consultant in the company’s Connecticut office at pgriese at, or John L. Wheaton, PE, LEED AP, president of Wheaton Sprague and principal of WEC. Wheaton can also be contacted for delegated design and engineering work RFP’s, or questions.