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Pete de Gorter

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Pete de Gorter is vice president of DeGorter Inc. He can be reached at

Are We Getting What We Pay For?

Today it feels like the only way to find people is through money and total compensation. How can we offer new hires substantially more than longstanding employees and expect not to sour feelings? How does your company address the necessity of financial compensation in the current labor market…

Mask or Not, the Show Must Go On!

Every day we are closer and closer to normal, at least a new form of normal. Masks are going down everywhere and with that Show Season is about to be in full swing. Let’s get pumped to get “Back to Business. Back to GlassBuild.”! Given my personal experience last month, and knowing how the NGA…

Continued Delays Impact More than Time

Delay after delay after delay. We’re paying more for worse service and it feels like there’s not much to do about it. Simply stated, delays are an opportunity you can’t fill immediately. How do we handle a delay with increased costs when we’re fixed on price?

Tears, Celebrations and Weather

Cheers to 2021, here’s to us getting through 2020 together! In fact, congratulations are deserved after last year; we did so many things we never thought we could, it should be celebrated.

2020 Year in Rearview

My final blog each year examines how far we’ve come in 12 months, and though 2020 might be one many don’t want to look back at, there is a lot to reflect on. Yes, Covid numbers around the globe are rising again. However, it is incredible how far we’ve come in 12 months; more than incredible, it is…

The Lite-r Side of the Glass Industry

Things are tense across the globe; we’re caught in the middle of a unique situation without a lot of guidance. It is imperative we move forward, remain positive and optimistic of what the future holds. 

Lessons from a Pandemic

There are many things to remain optimistic about and we will continue to do just that. The enormous momentum we came in with is allowing our industry to continue to support jobs and provide security during a time with many unknowns; we should all be thankful for this. 

2020 and Beyond

Before we blink and another year is over, now would be an appropriate time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we will be heading. Capital is moving, companies continue to invest, and it appears opportunity will continue to knock on our industry’s door. 

Instagram vs. Reality: Presenting Your Company Online

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” sounds great, and I’m not one for presumptions. However. If I am honest, I’m guilty. I judge some things positively, and others negatively, but I have noticed these days my judgement is routinely related to websites.

Glass Revolution

Hard to believe it is more than a quarter into 2019; time flies when you’re having fun. What is more fun than to think about where we can go in the next decade, and what we have to look forward to?Solar power I was thinking about this while traveling across the country recently. I couldn’t help…