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A Clear Choice: FireLite® Fire-Rated Glass Ceramic

FireLite fire-rated glass ceramic

ADVERTISEMENT TGP’s FireLite family of fire-rated glass ceramic is the exceptionally clear choice for highly visible fire-rated locations. Its superior surface quality, clarity and color emulate the appearance of ordinary window glass for distortion free viewing. Transparent FireLite fire-rated glass ceramic is offered in large sizes to maximize natural light diffusion while ensuring fire and life safety. In addition to transferring daylight, the line of products offers features to help improve energy efficiency and is available with high-impact safety ratings. The UL-classified and labeled products are available with fire ratings up to three hours and can be installed in standard fire-rated frames.
When installed in new generation fire-rated doors like TGP’s Fireframes® Designer Series, FireLite fire-rated and impact-safety-rated glass can protect against accidental human breakage while creating design-forward assemblies. With narrow steel profiles and precise European engineering, Fireframes Designer Series’ slender fire-rated door frame profiles provide a sleek, modern alternative to traditional hollow metal door frames. Rather than utilizing traditional hollow metal steel, the system incorporates thin, extruded steel profiles to better resemble the look of non-rated door systems. The framing system accommodates large lites of impact-safety-rated FireLite, resulting in code-compliant, striking door assemblies.