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Deliver Superior Results with HHH Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line

a worker operating the automatic laminated glass production line from hhh equiopment resources with a red play button in the center to activate the video

Achieve flawless finishes for architectural glass with the robust Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line from HHH Equipment Resources. Whether commercial or residential projects, the equipment is the superior choice for laminating windows, door inserts, walls, partitions, shower doors and other applications. Benefit from highly customizable options based on glass width and thickness, speed and power. 


Transform your entire process with the all-in-one design that washes, dries and moves glass to the autoclave. Choose from user-friendly manual or automatic controls. Enjoy next-level precision with an adjustable speed and servo motor for positioning and lamination functions. Along with a powerful washing and drying machine and PVB storage, the line includes an air convection pre-heating and pre-pressing machine. Fabricators can select an optional pre-heating and pre-pressing machine for bent glass applications. 


This UL-certified equipment is backed by 24/7 U.S.-based technical support from HHH. Discover more about the Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line