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Gear drive

Gear drive as it would be used on a cruise ship

The Zero-Max IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drives are used in the OpenAire Vertical Opening Glass Wall System for a swimming pool enclosure on a Cruise Ship. This retractable Wall System provides a naturally ventilated, healthy, safe, and energy efficient environment made possible with a mechanical drive system utilizing the IP65-Rated Crown Right Angle Gear Drives. These drives deliver dependable and economical transfer of speed and power in an efficient and compact design with quiet operation. (Photo Two). In congregate settings, quiet and smooth operating mechanical features are very important.

The IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drive features a nickel-plated aluminum housing, stainless-steel shafts, and includes purpose-built shaft seals. It provides an added level of protection to withstand conditions such as frequent washdowns, corrosive elements and outdoor installations that can include temperature extremes, sunlight, rain, humidity and condensation. This fully enclosed design prevents contamination from water, chemicals, and debris, allowing it to hold up to harsher operating environments. Another feature is the IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drives are pre-lubricated, offering maintenance-free operation for the life of the product.