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Interlayer films

Argotec Edge Seal and Edge Seal Plus Films are designed to protect laminated glass composites, regardless of the interlayer type. These proprietary films provide additional security and durability to finished glass lamination applications. Meant for architectural glazing and transportation glazing, they dramatically enhance moisture and solvent resistance, have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, reduced interlayer and laminate degradation and reduced edge chipping during handling and installation.

Their design keeps moisture and harmful chemicals out of laminated glass composites. A thin layer of black polyurethane cushions the edge of the glass composite and accepts the embossed pattern of the carrier through the autoclaving process, this layer can be removed following lamination. Clear, diamond pattern embossed carrier, may also be removed following lamination. A thick adhesive layer of clear TPU bonds Edge Seal to the glass laminate. EdgeSeal Plus has a proprietary foil layer between two sheets of tough, chemical-resistant polyurethane.