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k-Space Real-Time Glass Defect Detection Inspection for Glass

kSA Inline Glass Breakage Detection System

ADVERTISEMENT The kSA Inline Glass Breakage Detection System is a vision-based metrology system that determines Go/No-Go (Pass/Fail) conditions for every glass lite and panel it inspects inline during processing.

The system compares glass lites against user-defined parameters and tolerances in a master specification reference to identify defects such as cracks, chips, scratches, digs, and pinholes.

  • The custom frame enclosure houses a linescan camera, LED lights, and photoeyes.
  • The camera vision system captures images of the panels as they pass by the instrument on a conveyor.
  • LED lights illuminate the panels to help distinguish between defects and minor irregularities.
  • Photoeyes detect the leading and trailing edges of the panels to trigger the system to start and stop data collection.
  • High-resolution encoders trigger spatially-resolved linescans as the panel moves under the LED lighting, generating an image of the panel for processing and defect detection.
  • The CPU provides image processing and data storage capabilities.