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Light wall

wall of colored glass

Bendheim's TurnKey Fusion Light Wall is a complete solution for interior glass cladding that combines uniform, integrated lighting with easy installation and a slim, space-saving design. With TurnKey, glass panels are mounted with a simple system of rails and “keys", one-inch clips that turn like a key to lock the glass into place. No special installation training is required. TurnKey Fusion provides even, shadow-free backlighting, with Bendheim’s new Fusion LED panels built right into the attachment system. The entire attachment system requires minimal space, standing a little more than two inches from the wall, preserving room for other design objectives. TurnKey Fusion Light can be used to mount any kind of interior glass cladding from Bendheim’s interior portfolio. The light wall system enables Bendheim to partner with architects and installers to provide a true all-in-one “turnkey” solution for backlit glass cladding designs.