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Mikron 11300™ Sets the Standard for AW-Rated System Performance

Mikron 11300

ADVERTISEMENT The Mikron 11300™ AW-Rated commercial window system provides the highest performance standards for mid- and high-rise commercial buildings with the flexibility to combine multiple configurations and meet unique application needs. This system evolves window-wall design by providing stronger, more energy-efficient windows with a streamlined appearance, creating a superior product that meets all commercial window needs. Available in a variety of configurations and colors for both new construction and replacement projects, including tilt-n-turn, casement, awning, fixed window, in-swing and outswing door, tilt-and-slide door, multi-lite and composite units. The system is also available with a full range of standard and concealed hardware options from all major hardware suppliers. Formulated to withstand the toughest conditions, Mikron 11300™ has been real-world proven for over 30 years, standing the test of time in the harshest field test environments: hot, dry Arizona desert, Florida heat and humidity, and Midwest weather and temperature extremes.