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Premium Polishing Products

a rotating image featuring the salem fabrication supplies 90th anniversary logo at the top with tubs of cerium oxide with scoop leaning against the white tub, followed by two cerium polish wheels


For 90 years, Salem Fabrication Supplies has become a trusted source for tooling and supplies serving the glass industry. Our best-in-class polishing products include cerium oxide compounds, cerium polish wheels, cup polishing wheels, edge-deletion wheels, felt wheels and more. 


Cerium oxide is used to polish glass due to its unique ability to react with the silica in glass both chemically and mechanically. Salem has a wide variety of cerium polishes, including AXION, XDS2, SALEM 22, VISTA and more, that have different characteristics and achieve specific polishing goals. We work with you, concentrating on your application first, and then introduce a product that will perform the best for your process. 


Our cerium polish wheels are some of the best in the industry and are available in configurations to fit most production edging machines. The Vero wheel’s unique composition of the polishing layer is very durable and achieves a high-quality polish. The Status wheel utilizes a unique porous resin bond structure matched with our high-level Status cerium oxide. 


At Salem, our focus is squarely on meeting customer needs with industry expertise, quality products and knowledgeable service. When you partner with Salem, you're tapping into nearly a century of reliability and experience. GO BEYOND THE EDGE. 


Salem Fabrication Supplies is a division of Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc. 

We Are 100% Employee Owned.