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Protective modular glass systems

SecureOne Model Test

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope introduced SecureOne Screen and SecureOne Test, protective modular glass systems designed to provide physical, protective barriers between public workers on the frontlines of reopening efforts. The systems:

  1. Mitigate front-line worker exposure to airborne aerosols
  2. Protect workers with an easy-to-clean, durable physical barrier
  3. Improve throughput with the efficient walk-up design.

Product details:

  • Safety Glazing Certification Council-certified glass
  • HEPA filtration and positive pressure on interior of enclosure based on clean-room technology*
  • Hydrophobic coating available
  • Available in capped 3-sided or 4-sided models
  • Easy-clean non-porous and smooth surfaces
  • Durable integrated gloves designed for disposable glove overlay
  • External shelf for specimen collection supplies*
  • Two-way no-draft speak-through technology
  • Privacy wings for added discretion and protection*
  • LED lighting with warm and cool settings*
  • Power-connected with built-in light switches and interior outlet*
  • Anti-fatigue floor mat
  • Pre-assembled solution with modular capabilities
  • Integrated pallet or footings for mobility
  • Standard dimensions: 40 inches by 48 inches by 82 inches (enclosure); height ranges
  • from 88 inches to 101 inches with pallet and filter
  • Custom options available for filtration, glass tints, glass fabrication and additional features.

*Dependent on model selected.