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Railing system

FHC Achieve

FHC’s ACHIEVE Frameless Dry Glaze Glass Railing System offers the same performance characteristics of traditional glass railing systems, but with significantly expedited installation times. The proprietary dual angle shims and installation/removal kit eliminate the hassle of traditional expansion cements and allow for adjustment and/or removal of the glass. FHC’s ACHIEVE™ mechanical shim set is a dry attachment system that can be removed as easily as it is installed. Designed and optimized to reduce stress on monolithic and laminated tempered glass, this is the next generation of glass railing systems.

• Innovative Design Maintains Industry Standard 4-1/8" Base Shoe Height • Compatible With 1/2" Tempered Monolithic, 9/16", 11/16" and 13/16" Tempered Laminated Glass

• New Design - 40% Lighter • Available in 10' or 20' Stock Lengths, Pre-Drilled or Undrilled

• 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy • Innovative “One Seal” Gasket Makes Installations Easy

• Custom Fabrication Services Available