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Reinvent insulated glass

HHH Equipment Resources, IGU machinery

ADVERTISEMENT Enhance your insulated glass line with improved quality and production from HHH Equipment Resources. Our line of insulated glass equipment pairs easy, flexible operation with maximum durability. Easily load jumbo glass with our 3-in-1 vertical IG washer and apply precise coatings with our butyl extruder.  Bend frames with ultimate accuracy using the automatic spacer bender and maximize efficiency with our automatic IG production line.

HHH’s IG equipment is ideal for all insulated glass units, including low-E glass and oversized glass. Our insulated glass equipment offerings include:

  • Sealing machines and tables
  • Butyl extruders
  • Spacer benders
  • Desiccant filling stations
  • Automatic IG production lines
  • IG washers, grinders and more

Our fabrication equipment is designed with glass quality and production output at the forefront. All insulated glass equipment comes backed by an expert support team of U.S.-based technicians and full parts stocking. Contact the HHH team to learn more about our IG equipment.