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Solar control glass

Stopray solar control glass on a building

AGC Glass Europe released three new Stopray products that focus on delivering high selectivity, a color-neutral appearance and low reflection.

Stopray Ultraselect 60/27 solar control glass features a triple silver coating that delivers good selectivity and a solar factor of 27%, effectively protecting rooms from overheating during the summer and thereby reducing the load on the air-conditioning system. It has a high light transmission of 60% and low light reflection of 11% (external) and 15% (internal). It also features a low a U-value.

Two other additions to the AGC range are Stopray Neutral 60/33(T) and Stopray Neutral 50/27(T), both featuring a double silver coating and good neutrality, making them ideal for architectural applications. Stopray Neutral 60/33(T) delivers light transmission of 60% and a solar factor of 33%, resulting in bright rooms that are protected from overheating. For more solar control, Stopray Neutral 50/27(T) delivers light transmission of 50% and solar control of 27%. Its low reflection of 13% (external) and 11% (internal) minimizes excessive reflection from artificial lighting.