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Thermally broken entrance

Dawson's Transcend thermal system utilizes internal pour and de-bridge extrusions using Azon Structural Thermoset Polyurethane, which acts as the door’s skeleton. A door pan is custom laser cut and bent to fit every project’s exact specifications and is then affixed to the sub-structure. Transcend thermal entrances do not have any visible seams on the door or frame’s face. Transcend offers improved overall thermal performance compared to non-thermally broken entrances. Dawson Thermally Broken Entrances have an NFRC U-value less than the current energy requirement of .77. Transcend Thermally broken doors have a higher condensation resistance factor, which reduces the opportunity for interior frost build-up. Dawson factory glazes all Transcend thermally broken doors and frames using one-inch thick low-E insulated glass. This helps conserve either heating or cooling costs.