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Thunder Cut Premium Self-Dressing Diamond Core Drills

learn more about the power of thunder cut from salem fabrication supplies

Salem Fabrication Supplies is an industry leader in glass polishing and processing. We stand out from the rest in our methods of selecting, inspecting, testing and developing only the best products, and by having the knowledge to apply the optimal processes for these products.


Salem is proud to announce that we are bringing back our premium core drill line – the Thunder Cut. These new and improved high-speed core drills, part of our Storm Series of products, offer self-dressing capabilities and have an increased feed rate of up to 1.8 mm/s. The Thunder Cut line is designed for heavy industrial use on CNC and Forvet™ machinery and are available in both 75 mm and 95 mm overall lengths. These drills boast significantly reduced cycle times and their specific bond design has achieved 3x-4x the life expectancy of standard core drills –all resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Contact Salem today for more information about the Thunder Cut as well as our full line of glass fabrication products. GO BEYOND THE EDGE.


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