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Wall panel system

The Board and Batten wall panel system

The Board and Batten wall panel system expands the creative options for designers and specifiers of exterior cladding systems. The Board and Batten system uses concealed fasteners to maintain clean lines and a rhythmic pattern of alternating wide vertical boards and narrower elevated battens. It provides a classic design aesthetic for residential and commercial wall applications. The ¾-inch depth and 2-inch width of the batten create dimensional interest while keeping trim offsets to a minimum. Board and Batten system is a versatile tool for architectural creativity that blends easily into various architectural styles.

The Board and Batten panel is available in 24 gauge steel and .032 aluminum. It installs with mechanical fasteners through pre-punched holes, and can be installed only in vertical wall applications. The batten is 2 inches wide and ¾ inches deep on all panel widths. Maximum lengths are 30 feet for steel and 22 feet for aluminum. Available panel widths include 12 and 16 inches. Vertical-only installation is possible.