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Your Defect Detection is Losing You Competitive Advantage

Deep Learning-AI in Spyglass Visual Inspection

ADVERTISEMENT If you have too many pseudo-defects or false rejects lowering the efficiency of your machine vision system, you are giving up a competitive advantage to companies in your niche that have already taken steps to eliminate false rejects, lower inspection costs, and increase throughput. 

The Deep Learning-AI in Spyglass Visual Inspection has helped a leading global glass manufacturer and fabricator better their bottom line by approximately $4 million annually by improving their machine vision defect detection, nearly eliminating pseudo-defects, reducing human inspection costs (and errors), and increasing production speeds. It works with existing machine vision systems, so there’s no rip and replace: Spyglass Visual Inspection helps your machine vision systems dramatically improve at the job that you hired them to do.

Don’t let competitive disadvantage erode your market share. Learn more about Spyglass Visual Inspection and other Deep Learning AI for machine vision at our Resources page.