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Thom Zaremba

Thom Zaremba

Thom Zaremba is a partner at Roetzel & Andress and code consultant for the National Glass Association and its Glazing Industry Code Committee. 

What Comes After the Champlain Tower Collapse?

As changes following the Champlain Towers collapse are considered, other changes to our building codes should also be considered. Should post‐occupancy inspections of buildings include windows?

How to Determine the Fire Rating 

Building codes require specific building components to have a fire rating. The fire rating can vary from 20 minutes to 4 hours. These requirements have a direct effect on windows and doors installed within a building, as there are specific limitations on glazing in fire-rated installations. 

Code Q&A | Glass railings & guards

The requirements for glass railings and guards have evolved over the past several building code cycles, and the 2021 International Building Code further clarifies the requirements with defined terms. Use these FAQs to navigate the changing requirements as states and local jurisdictions adopt new…

Wired Glass

This article presents information to help companies navigate the regulations governing how, when and where wired glass may properly be used.