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A+W iShape

Best Innovation for the Factory

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By A+W Software

Speed is highly valued, especially now as supply chain delays lengthen lead times. A+W Software’s iShape application, this year’s “Best Innovation for the Factory” winner, aims to speed up the templating process with a template-digitizing software solution.

Glass fabricators can find it time-consuming and difficult to accurately and efficiently convert regularly supplied templates to cut glass, says Chris Kammer, marketing lead, A+W Software. The iShape app, which uses Viprotron technology, allows glass fabricators to photograph customer templates with their smartphone camera.

iShape accurately assesses finite radiuses and subtle shape variations on a given template with custom QR-coded L-angles that assist the software in shape reference, says Kammer.
“Even your customers and staff can photograph templates on-site, reducing travel and service times,” says Kammer.

The iShape app analyzes the template image and provides a confidence factor to achieve the desired tolerance on the shape within 1 millimeter. The processing power of A+W’s cloud backend gives customers a digital twin of their templates to smooth out unintended imperfections.

The app supports Android and iOS devices with modern camera configurations . The company can guarantee an accuracy of 1 centimeter per square meter to the template size, and provides hints for the user in the digitalization process.


Norah Dick

Norah Dick

Norah Dick is the associate editor for Glass Magazine. She can be reached at