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sunshades on commercial window

CRL 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade System

By C.R. Laurence

The 8010 series single blade sunshade system by C.R. Laurence delivers two key qualities for the façade; controlling solar exposure, and allowing design flexibility. With blade angles that can be adjusted from 0 degrees to -35 degrees, in 5-degree intervals, the adjustable solution allows designers to tailor configurations to the building’s specific geographic location.

A flexible solution was needed to achieve energy performance requirements, says Barbara Haaksma, senior vice president of marketing for CRL. “No two projects are the same when it comes to energy-efficient design. With resiliency and sustainability playing a significant role in building design, the CRL 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade System offers a versatile and effective solution for reducing solar heat gain. Doing so alleviates interior cooling loads, thus improving energy efficiency.”

The company’s R&D process focused on experimenting with profile blades; the team found that both the rectangular blade and oval/airfoil blade gave the most flexibility in adjusting the blade angle. CRL partnered with a structural engineering company to provide internal testing and certifications.


Norah Dick

Norah Dick

Norah Dick is the associate editor for Glass Magazine. She can be reached at