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facade with SNR 50

Above: A rendering of SNR 50

Guardian SunGuard SNR 50 Coated Glass

By Guardian Glass

Guardian’s SunGuard SNR 50 offers architects attractive exteriors, while also creating bright and comfortable interiors, says Suresh Devisetti, director of product management, Guardian Glass. The coated glass accomplishes this through a neutral silver appearance and reflectivity, with 48 percent visible light transmission and 0.25 solar heat gain coefficient. 

Designed to be used on the No. 2 surface of a standard insulating glass unit, SunGuard SNR 50 can be paired with a variety of substrates at the following thicknesses: 5 millimeters to 12 mm, clear and UltraClear low-iron; and 6-mm to 10-mm, green, CrystalGray and CrystalBlue.

“The process of product development and launch was very collaborative,” says Devisetti. “Architects were invited throughout the product development process to review samples of SNR 50 and SNR 35, and their responses were very favorable. Even with early samples, the company was awarded several large projects.”


Norah Dick

Norah Dick

Norah Dick is the associate editor for Glass Magazine. She can be reached at