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It Is Time! 

It is finally here. GlassBuild Connect kicks off this week, and for the next month we’ll be focused on the best that our industry has to offer. Obviously, this year is like no other and GlassBuild being an online experience is like nothing else out there. I am honored to work on the team there to bring you a truly genuine and caring event.

I had like 500 more words on this but then I read Andrew Haring’s blog and he said it so much better than me (which is always the case) so please click and read- he’s got it down perfect here.

Thank you for supporting this effort! Learn more and sign up at


  • On a somewhat non glass level, I am very excited about Rowe Fenestration’s Lindsey Rowe Parker on the pre-release of her new book “Wiggles, Stomps and Squeezes: Calm My Jitters Down.” This will be a must for anyone who has or knows a child with sensory differences and having worked a little with Lindsey, I know this will be a difference-maker in many lives. It is available for pre-order now, so please check it out and support this amazing work by a truly fabulous person.
  • Speaking of books, I was excited when I stumbled upon this book when it was mentioned online. The book is “Designing a World-Class Architecture Firm: The People, Stories, and Strategies Behind HOK”―so I immediately went to buy it, and then I saw the prices. Even the electronic version is pricey: $61. I mean, I love to read and would love an inside story of a major architectural firm, but $61? That’s wild. I don’t think I have paid that much for a book since college. It’s a pass for me right now.
  • I have written about specialty glass guru Kevin Roth on here a few times in the past―love the work he and his folks have done. Well, now his company is now going through a very cool re-brand, going from being known as Vistamatic, to Privacy Glass Solutions. This is all thanks to focusing on more than just the original Vistamatic brand since they have Blinds Between Glass, Switchable, and Deco products. It’s a good and smart move that covers the entire base versus just one. Exciting things coming for these guys for sure!
  • The next hot thing is the “15-minute city.” Interesting approach here, and how this could be a part of future planning.
  • This is fascinating to me―air filters that are being advertised as something that kills off COVID-19. They are going into the Houston Convention Center. I am thrown some, because I am all over the anti-microbial space and pretty much everyone is saying the technology for the COVID-19 version of Coronavirus is not there yet―but this story says different. 
  • Last this week; very sad news with the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman. I truly enjoyed his work both in portraying the real-life and comic book heroes. He was that incredibly rare public figure in that I don’t think there’s any one out there who could say they did not like him. At 43, he was too young to leave our world for sure. Here’s a nice piece on Boseman’s impact and legacy.

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Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein

Max Perilstein is founder of Sole Source Consultants, a consulting firm for the building products industry that specializes in marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management, as well as website and social media, and codes and specifications. Contact him at